More 2 Project : Interview with Karima, VIP Departement at IQ Option platform

Kindly introduce yourself. What are your hobbies and what is your highest education?

I am Karima Ramadan and studied at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Among the best things I like are scuba diving, reading books, traveling and listening to music.

What is your role at your company? Who is your supervisor and what activities do you need to do?

Being a personal accounts manager, I am involved in help the traders associated with me understand the manner in which our platform works. My main idea is to be polite and ensure that they have a feeling that I am there to listen to their queries and solve them whenever they need. If it’s generally easy for european clients, for clients from South Asia, it’s harder to explain the IQ Option requirements

What benefits do the VIP traders get?

The VIP traders are taught to use all the indicators that have been offered on the platform. There are educational materials that can be accessed on the website to help the traders study the platform independently. They are also eligible to request for a training session where the trader calls and the support staff i.e. me and my team practices trading by using indicators over the live charts.

Where is the money received by the traders kept?

They are kept at the company accounts with several well-known European Banks as Hellenic bank.

How can a trader withdraw money and what are the problems I might face?

Traders are allowed to withdraw funds in 2 different ways. It is largely dependent on the deposit sources:

  1. Deposits from Debit or Credit cards: A trader refunds initially by withdrawing the available amount back to their debit and credit cards. They may also transfer profits to any e-wallet or a wire transfer. The primary idea of refunding is ensuring that the funds are deposited back to the same source they came from. Hence, it makes sure that the company adheres to the AML policies. This will also ensure that money is protected and goes back to the trader who had used it for himself.
    Hence the moment a trader withdraws to their credit or debit cards, followed by changing of the status of withdrawal request to completed; it means that the money has been transferred. The rest is dependent on the bank of the client to receive and process
  2. Deposit from the e-wallets: Here the traders can withdraw to their same e-wallets with no restrictions at all. The IQ Option is very quick and efficient.

What are the new features of this platform?

The new platform comes with series of new features. These include the inclusion of Sell Button where the trader can sell an option even before the expiry time. Other inclusion is the mobile app that comes with all the indicators and can be accessed from any iOS supported mobile.

What do you mean by Tournaments?

The tournaments are the best opportunities for improving trading skills. Here the trader needs to register for a tournament and receive a given amount of virtual money. The primary motive is to make the balance as large as possible and list among the highest balances. This should be the case till the end of the tournament. The best part is that the top traders are eligible to receive a prize equivalent to real money that even be withdrawn.

What are the top questions you receive from traders?

The most popular question a trader asks is that “What is the best successful strategy?” However, I believe is any such magical strategy ever existed then even before I would entirely understand the process, I would stop working. I will eventually become the richest person on earth.

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